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Snow outside. It’s my first blog post. Ugly name – blog. Let’s go with something better, shall we? Hm, journal, memoir, or better yet – diurnal, just like diurnal flowers that open towards the sun, daily. Daily writing. Yes!

Because words are important. Words are used to empower or to hurt. Words are tools of change in a therapeutic dialogue. Words can carry sounds of creation and universal design.

We speak and write to translate things into or out of manifestation. We can make the truth of our life clearly visible – putting it into words – in order to influence it and turn onto a different pathway of evolution. Our truth is the only ground to stand upon and grow.

To speak the truth of ‘what is’ will change what is. And to tell the future is to change that future (timeline).

Language is such a powerful means of expressing our intentions. We translate our experiences – received images, sounds, physical sensations into thoughts and words. Language is made of words – sounds organized into structure. Yes, words are important.

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