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Hearth Element radiates warmth at the core of our Soul. It is our resource to ‘go on’ and rekindle our strength to thrive in life. We feel a sense of safety as the Hearth Element brings out compassion and self-forgiveness to heal our pain and grief.

Through the art of sacred ceremony – a new reality is enacted.

What has been wounded and torn is being re-created and completed…

Thus, we are initiating a wave of wellness around us…

May your spirit shine!


My name is Karuna Ma. It means ‘compassionate action’ or ‘mournful feelings’ in Sanskrit language, while Ma refers to the Universal Mother Goddess. I’m a Medicine Woman and a Sound Shaman – I work in connection with Nature Elements – especially the Sound (Ether or Sky). I’m a massage therapist (LMT), energy healer in a variety of modalities: SKHM, Seichim, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).  My practice includes:

Shamanism – Earth Based Spirituality

Integrated Energy Therapy – Angelic work

Energy Healing – Reiki – Seichim/Sekhem/All Love Energy

Therapeutic Massage – Medical Intuition – Breathwork

Sound Healing – Alchemical Crystal Bowls – Toning

Divination – for Birthdays, Relationships, Life Decisions…

Bhakti Yoga – Sanskrit Kirtan – Storytelling

All information about upcoming events  – find on Hearth Element Group on FB or go to The Community of Healing NJ/NY/PA