Ok fine, I’ll write.

No idea how to change my front page into a static info. Showing my blog posts up front means I must continue writing fresh thoughts or it will look bad. So far, it feels like I’m sending my writing down the river, not knowing who will receive it. Actually, how they will receive it – that’s what is eating me up. I am so very very attached to my writing – the idea of it… the dream… the kicking of my unborn books inside of me… Ah, the suffering of an idiot trapped in the spell of logic. All the ‘but’s’ and the ‘if’s’ and the ‘not yet, not yet’ meditation had me trapped, well, like an idiot. This no more, I say! Have a great day, people down the river – I will keep me posted….

Tea Tags….

“Plant kindness and gather love” – roasted dandelion tea tag this morning.

This world will be saved by love. We know it, the science knows it, the scriptures said as much; the Elders, the Masters, the Archangels, well, ask anyone on the street, ‘do you think love will save the day for humanity?’ – and they’ll say ‘YES’. 

They may add things like: ‘hopefully’, ‘let’s have faith’, ‘if we do it together’… And the heart knows these things, these old truths – the voice of love and the voice of reason and the balance between. Walking the golden median each day of one’s life…

Ice Elementals

Would Ice Elementals help us process emotions? What is their role? We look toward the flowing waters for inspiration in flexibility and openness to the ‘flow of things’. We say ‘this too shall pass’ and ‘can’t step twice into the same river’. But what is the message of Ice? Well, in nature, any dealing with ice will involve trust – trusting the stability of the ice structure – to walk over it, to build housing, carve a sculpture… Trusting the stability of something that can easily transform into the chaotic disorder of liquid….

Just like a promise made between people – steady and solid one day and then some day – dissolved?….We say ‘to melt a heart’, to have ‘ice in the heart’…. The order of logic over the fluidity of emotions, perhaps? But in the order of ice, there is harmony, all particles aligned – like a tribe of individuals acting in unison. And that is good – the harmony and trust – we need that, right? So we can be thankfu for the Ice Elementals and their teachings of connecting a multitude into unison of purpose….

How can the dancing particles of emotion become solid? Is there still beauty in commitment? Why would a person stay committed and loyal to us, we wonder. Why would they do that? Did they tame and subdue their passions? Are they losing that first feeling of freedom of love for us? Will they wander away, once the commitment becomes too hard and …icy? Or is it all the same material? Love – the expansive, love for everyone, the cascading chaos of falling in love, and the solid structure of commitment? Different states of the same material…..

Feel the emotions flowing, let them freeze, trust, let them flow again, let them expand to the world, let them flow, let them form a structure….. Water in every state of its being… Love in every state of its being…. Just that. Natural.


Snow outside. It’s my first blog post. Ugly name – blog. Let’s go with something better, shall we? Hm, journal, memoir, or better yet – diurnal, just like diurnal flowers that open towards the sun, daily. Daily writing. Yes!

Because words are important. Words are used to empower or to hurt. Words are tools of change in a therapeutic dialogue. Words can carry sounds of creation and universal design.

We speak and write to translate things into or out of manifestation. We can make the truth of our life clearly visible – putting it into words – in order to influence it and turn onto a different pathway of evolution. Our truth is the only ground to stand upon and grow.

To speak the truth of ‘what is’ will change what is. And to tell the future is to change that future (timeline).

Language is such a powerful means of expressing our intentions. We translate our experiences – received images, sounds, physical sensations into thoughts and words. Language is made of words – sounds organized into structure. Yes, words are important.