My name is Karolina Maria Honerkamp, LMT, or simply Karuna Ma. I'm a Sound Shaman, Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Healer, Tarot teacher  - I work in connection with Nature Elements - especially the Sound - Ether - Sky. ‘Karuna’ means 'compassionate action' in Sanskrit, while Ma refers to Mother Goddess. As a hands-on energy healer and bodyworker, I’m trained in a variety of modalities: SKHM, Seichim, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).  

My practice includes:  

Shamanism - Earth Based Spirituality  

Integrated Energy Therapy - Angelic work  

Energy Healing - Reiki - Seichim/Sekhem/All Love Energy  

Therapeutic Massage - Medical Intuition - Breathwork  

Sound Healing - Alchemical Crystal Bowls - Toning  

Divination - Bhakti Yoga - devotional singing - Kirtan - Sacred Storytelling