The Perils of Editing Your Own Website

Yes, it's a funny title - it's true to life too. I'm trying to edit this very website and learn the intricacies of the system as designed by my website host... I wrote a whole page and clicked 'Save'. Went to 'View site'. Nope. Generic text, and none of my input. Try again. Save. Refresh page. Nope - my text disappeared again. Very very zen mandala happening here. Educational, since I'm clearly learning more patience than I'd ever need to build a pyramid, or levitate it, as the case may be. It's testing my faith in success too. Does it even exist? Life shouldn't be that discouraging. There should be a carrot somewhere sometime. Nicely done presentation of my work and service - please, new gods of technology - 'Saved' and available for all to see and 'Like' me and comment nice things and add little emojis and happy GIFs. I'm on a very ancient path of the old gods and goddesses; I know I'm one of them 'old souls' - but right now I just need the miracle of a working website. Sigh...

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