Life is Magical

Sometimes we don’t appreciate that fact – unless we share it with someone – or a bunch of someones. Share your stories and listen to others’ lives in a gathering of kindred spirits. Life is sweet and it is a fact – how really truly sweet, spicy, salty, sour, bitter, and astringent life really is! Yes I’ve included all the six tastes.

New events coming up by the Hearth Element. To appreciate life on the spiritual as well as social, yes mundane, human! path of Being.

We have the Tarot weekly group – and once a month it’s free – already in progress and you can join at any Moon-day….. Now to add the art of Sacred Geometry – painting Yantras – making crystal grids – telling stories – shining bright and spreading the Joy, the connection, the positive vibes!….

And let’s not miss our Saturday noontime Sound Healing!….. See you soon neighbor