Unveiling the Mysteries of Tarot - Online via Zoom

Blu Lotus, 20 Church St, Montclair, NJ 07042

We are creating a Tarot movement of knowledge and healing - a coming together of people who actively engage their thinking-willing-feeling capacity to make up a new and better world. We always aim at no less than perfect healing and joy.

Tarot is a complete system of 78 archetypes of life. The learning process engages all five human senses and all five Nature Elements together. As you are learning about Tarot by listening and use the cards by seeing, touching, speaking - you are waking up your intuition and creativity - and ‘taking charge of your destiny. You can gain better understanding of your life, your choices, your emotional involvement... And you can progress towards better self appreciation, forgiveness and love.

ONLINE FEE: $15 Payment options online: PayPal (karomae@gmail.com) and Venmo (Karolina-Honerkamp) Thank you!

Contact me to RSVP, ask questions, or book a reading! hearthelement@gmail.com