Sunday Night Meditation - FREE Online Event

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Blu Lotus, 20 Church St, Montclair, NJ 07042

In this gathering, we connect to the Elements of Life: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether... Together, we bring in the healing, working with crystals (Earth) and sound (Ether). And it is better when we do it together. We can influence the entire world, beginning with our loved ones. Healing energy is all around us and readily available... The sacred work awakens us to the possibility of change - allowing the healing to actually manifest.

This being an online event now, we may use our own sacred items at home - crystals arranged on an altar cloth, divination cards, etc...

The arranging of crystals and gemstones into a mandala pattern settles the mood of peace, clarity, and protection. The sound of alchemical crystal bowls creates a space of total immersion for all our senses. As we are bathing in sound vibration - we are restoring the union - the yoga - of body and soul.

Each gathering will focus on honing your intuitive skills - learning to hear your body, waking up to the voice of higher self, meeting our master teachers, etc... Using guided imagery, we journey within and access our innate soul wisdom. Each person contributes by sharing their presence. Each one of us is a precious visitor at this time of healing our planet Earth.

Transcend your mind.... Let your consciousness free into a higher experience of eternal existence...

Find the freedom in your new and elevated Self identity...

What is the sound of your inner calm?

FEE: This is now a free event.

Payment options online: PayPal ( and Venmo (Karolina-Honerkamp) Thank you for your donation!

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