This is a powerful invocation of the Mother Goddess as She is known to both the Pagan and the Christian devotees. The tripple form of Brigid, the Exalted One and Patroness of Poetry and Storytelling, Healing Waters (wells, waterways), and the keeper of the Sacred Flame, ironworks, and hearth fire is know all through then Celtic world. In Christianity, Mother Mary, is revered on February 2nd at the Candlemas as Mother Mary of the Light. We will celebrate Life renewal with the Elements of Nature and the most powerful Goddess presence. Come and be empowered. Important Divination opportunity for your Lighted future!

What to expect and what to bring:

The ritual will include Goddess invocation, Elemental blessings: of the water infused with flower essence, of the candles (Fire), and of the sacred cloths and scarfs (Earth). Note that you can come early and purchase candles and crystals at the Blu Lotus store and have these blessed during our ceremony! Bring your own water container if you’d like as well as a scarf. We will have tea candles for you to take home and light your candle on the altar at home. There will be scarfs and cloths available for purchase. Event fee is $25

Facilitators: Karuna Ma, Sound Shaman, Tarot teacher, massage and healing practitioner; Deborah Joy Sandford, Goddess gathering facilitator, Reiki ‘Joyful Soul Doula’, and a children's librarian.