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Sunday Night Meditation


Join our gathering for natural spirituality, positive thought, creativity and vitality….
Here, each person matters. All together, we bring in the Divine Light, through each individual light of consciousness. We make the simple space into a sacred temple – with our presence, our intentions, prayers, reveries…
Find your natural connection to the Elemental healing power, Angelic helpers, the Love beaming from the Source of All. Together we discover how the sacred vehicle of the body carries the potential to heal and align with our Soul presence.
Receive the spiritual nourishment. It’s an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate – in the physical and every other sense. We’ve had some amazing gatherings so far, Sunday after Sunday – thanks to each person’s presence and participation.
This is what makes Neolyth – the Montclair center for spirituality, shamanism, and healing – such a well of positive atmosphere – community gathering of kindred spirits. We are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ and everyone has unique gifts to offer from and through their Soul.
These gatherings provide a sacred space and quiet atmosphere. The door will remain open for you to come in quietly and find a comfortable mat and seat.


Friends with Gaia – Practical Shamanism



This is a shamanic gathering with elements such as smudging, calling on the Directions/Elements, and a shamanic journey. There is a theme – to honor Earth as our Mother planet – therefore we finish with prayers for Gaia.

Opening the Sacred Circle… introductions… guided meditation to heal and balance the senses… shamanic journey to deepen the relationship with your Soul, heal your Body, meet your Elemental guide… sharing and closing the Sacred Circle…

All my Relations,


Body of Light – Goddess Rituals

(All Gender Gathering)


Celebrating the Light of the Goddess in the body to live with vitality, happiness and ease!

In this three-hour workshop, we’ll celebrate together the Goddess presence in our lives. We’ll learn how to create personal rituals of Goddess Worship. Our physical bodies long to be revered as the home for our Soul and the vehicle for the Light of the Goddess.

This gathering is mixed gender and suitable for everyone’s beliefs, knowledge of the Goddess, Yoga, Tantra, etc. It is an all-clothed event. No intoxicants are taken. We will discuss the practice of Tantra of the heart center – Karuna Tantra – the path of passion, kindness, and grace of the heart.

We will learn Tibetan style chanting for a ‘sound’ or ‘vibrational massage’. We’ll practice activation of energy centers in the body to increase the Light quota in the body.