Learning, Healing, and Channeling with the Archetypes of Tarot

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There is much to learn through and about the wisdom of the Tarot. Whether you’ve only just begun or are a seasoned reader, this workshop will summarize the knowledge in a new and insightful way. We’ll be “putting it all together” into a coherent and holistic overview.

Keeping it close to life, with its joys and challenges, we’ll examine our psychology and physicality through the lens of the Tarot. How is it that we gain insight through the cards? How is the Tarot a powerful tool for healing and change? What and who is coming through the archetypes of the Tarot? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed.

Together, we’ll discover the deepest “how, what, and why” of the Tarot, with a special focus on the “why” as the “what and how” evolves for everyone with practice. This experience will take us beyond the textbook knowledge of the cards. We’ll find out how deep this mystical channel can take us and what’s at the other end of it. This is the rabbit hole for learning and healing with Tarot cards – a journey not to be missed!