Healing is available to us at all times - as we open up and attune ourselves to the medicinal frequencies of the living reality around us - people, places, and life experiences can serve us as catalysts to open the healing threshold and to help us go through it. I’m here to serve you as a catalyst through your process of healing - into the life of thriving and personal mastery... 



HEAL your life with massage...  BREATHE better and thrive in your body...  and let the MASSAGE become  a continuous gift of  happiness…

“Massage therapist is an artist who works with the rhythms of the body - through touch and movement - leading the person into a more comfortable connection with their life - better sleep, metabolism, and vitality” Karolina M Honerkamp, LMT 

Sessions are designed to give you a much sought relief from stress, pain, and any anxiety. The healing component of hands-on energy and relaxation guidance works far beyond the session. The practice covers a variety of massage styles. You can go home restored in strength and balance.  




“Change is one of the primary laws of Life. 

Self realization - one of the primary goals of  life -  

is dependent on our ability to master change. I’m here to assist you in learning that.  

You already have all the strength you need to re-direct and re-organize your life.

I’m offering my gift of channeling to you - because we all benefit from connecting to spiritual guidance. I’m here to help.”  - K.M.H 







Listen to your Soul! Come home to your body - this is your temple 

- find and know the Truth within...  


"It is not that we’ve lost Faith, but that our minds have become clouded with the outdated ‘faith script’ and we’re trying to see through the veil of old thinking.. Now, we’re finding New Faith through our own Mysticism and Visionary Sight. Eventually, we find the Divine Truth at the source of everything..." -  K.M.H