Imagine yourself standing in front of a fireplace. Hear the crackling fire and feel its warmth reach your face. As the flickering light of the flames comes through your closed eyelids, your shoulders relax and your breathing flows with ease. Feel the sense of peace and safety, you’re standing at the hearthstone - the place wherefrom warmth radiates throughout the house, your body, your soul. 

And you know, deep in your bones, it is the feeling of being present with your soul, pure and eternal, at the hearth of your self. Can you feel the ‘spirit fire’ within you thriving and burning bright? Find a moment in a day, and connect to the place within, filled with warmth of your soul, let it embrace you with care and love and forgiveness... 

Take strength and courage - for you were born to be powerful, filled with bliss, and inner knowing. Gently rest your thoughts in here. This is where you find wisdom and inspiration for your life. Where you burn your old beliefs, just like you’d burn dry pieces of wood. 

Becoming aware of our soul center, we come to the hearth of our physical existence, the source of strength and creativity without limitations. This element of creation from within is Hearth Element, the individual ‘spirit fire’, the principle of evolution, coordinating and constructing all matters of life in the present, and always. 

In the ancient writings of the Vedas, it’s ‘adibhutam’, or ‘principle of becoming’. It's our living connection with Paramatma, the 'Supersoul' of all creation, as experienced and observed within each individual unit of life. 

We can visualize Hearth Element as a live mandala of creative movement, gracefully unfolding, in an outward spiral motion. In this moment of quietude and reflection, imagine yourself again in front of the fireplace. Sit comfortably near the hearth and, watching the flames dance, come to understand the elemental Hearth Fire as the Universal dynamic of becoming.