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For many years now – all my life really – I’ve been seeking and finding (yes!) methods of healing. I invite you to join me on this grand journey: to become complete, to become well and thrive as a human being – to find your own rhythm of well being.

My healing focus is on connecting you to your Soul Fire – helping you to balance your senses and wield the power of the Elements. We’ve all experienced modern world’s chaotic energies. Chaos and overload within our environment, close family and friends – even our own bodies seem to find opposition in different allergens, in food, air, water…

If you’re yearning for a moment of peace, for the spinning to stop, for your thoughts to be clear of panic and anxiety – work with me and my Angelic Healing Team, my Shamanic Guides and Elementals. We all want to be fully alive and happy! We’d like to feel and express all our emotions, to express ourselves freely!

Enough of culturally imposed, false identities. We are more than that. We are already whole and complete. We are always loved… We are already forgiven…

My goal is to see you safely to the threshold of your own freedom. Your choice is the key. Congratulations on your personal power and brightness!

Contact me for a free consultation by phone or in person. All of the following methods can be combined according your need and preference.


In IET – Integrated Energy Therapy – session, you will sit or lie down, fully clothed, in person or through a distant connection. The practitioner will lightly touch the different energy areas and points on the body – according to the IET training – in person or through a crystal proxy. She will bring in the team of Light Beings to render their help and use her hands to channel healing energy. The expected sensations are physical (heat, cold, tingling), emotional (actual or detached), and an altered sense of being (timeless, suspended, meditative).


Sound healing is pure physics. Sound is the means of creation. We are all living sound frequencies. Too abstract? Well then I invite you to try a healing sound session.

You’ll be lying down and surrounded by sound of the alchemical crystal bowls. A session may include guided imagery, aromatherapy, vocal toning, or breathwork.


Being a licensed massage therapist since 2002, I’ve learned how to hear the body and follow what needs to be done within the scope of bodywork modalities. Often, pain is not the whole story and there are nuances to what our body is saying, what is happening and what to do about it. I provide a medicinal massage with elemental energy in my experienced and educated hands.


At its core, the shamanic style of healing is grounded in deep gratitude for Earth’s inherent wisdom. The same forces that inform the crystal formation deep within the Earth’s body, help our physical bodies in transformation towards better health and spiritual well-being.

My shamanic sessions are designed to provide guidance and break through walls of hopeless patterns. Together, we witness the simplicity and beauty of our personal connection with the Great Spirit of Mother, Nature, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides. We are all connected. All Our Relations!


An intuitive reading is an opportunity to reshape your reality by means of gaining new perspective on your existing situation. We give something a name for two reasons: we mean to empower it or we need to tame it. We speak and write to translate things into or out of manifestation. Your truth is the only ground to stand upon and grow.

Divination is often understood as a practice of contacting the Divine. Who decides your destiny? Can we foretell the future? There are many possible futures and yes we can look into them. Remember – to tell the future is to change the future.

Readings based on your birthday and oracle cards and Tarot.